Implementation of Loose Part Play STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Media on STEM Understanding of Pre-service Teachers: A Case Study in Serang City, Indonesia

Reza Febri Abadi, Siti Musayaroh, Sistriadini Alamsyah Sidik, Neti Asmiati, Toni Yudha Pratama, Dedi Mulia, Yuni Tanjung Utami, Sayidatul Maslahah


This study aimed to implement the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)-based Loose Part Play Media on an understanding of cerebral palsy pre-service teachers in the city of Serang. The participants in this study are cerebral palsy pre-service teachers in Serang, Indonesia. The participant was 21 teachers. The method in this activity is a case study. The results showed that increasing of the STEM understanding was 26.2. It can be concluded that the STEM-based loose part play media can increase the STEM understanding of the pre-service teachers to find solutions to the problems faced by cerebral palsy pre-service teachers in Serang. An increase in understanding achievement indicates this through loose part play STEM of 26.2 (seen from the initial and final test), and the pre-service teacher's understanding of STEM-based loose play part media is 82.5. 


Cerebral palsy, Loose part play media, STEM

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